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Gaps in Teeth

Missing teeth or gaps in the teeth affect our smile.  If you don't like the look of your smile come in for a Free orthodontic evaluation to close your gaps and give you that perfect smile!

Tooth Extraction

When a dentist removes a tooth this develops a problem much more than an unattractive smile.  Each tooth in your mouth supports its neighboring teeth.  When one is removed the tooth on either side of the removed tooth no longer has its normal support and will begin to shift into the newly available space.  In addition the tooth that is above or below the tooth that was removed will also begin to shift for its "biting partner" is no longer there to keep it in place.  This shifting as a result of extracting a tooth will slowly cause your bite to collapse and may cause future discomfort and/or TMJ joint pain.  Braces are needed to close the resulting gap or to properly align the teeth and work with your dentist to provide an immediate replacement for the recently removed tooth.

Alternative to Metal Braces

If you don't want metal braces, clear and/or tooth colored braces are available as an alternative.  Another alternative to metal braces is the Invisalign system or clear aligning retainers.  Invisalign is able to treatment many of the same complex cases as traditional braces and in some cases in less time the regular braces.  Ask your orthodontist more about the Invisalign treatment option during your consultation appointment.