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Too Young for Braces?.


When is the right time to visit the Orthodontist?

Don't wait till all the adult teeth have come in?

We recommend having the first visit around age 5 years old.  This is when most children are losing their first baby teeth.  The orthodontist will take an x-ray to determine if there is enough room for the future permanent teeth to come into the mouth.

Braces correct more than the teeth!

When young growing children are examined by the orthodontist in addition to checking tooth alignment there is a careful evaluation of their jaw bone alignment as well.  If a jaw alignment discrepancy is detected early enough in a growing child the orthodontist is able to correct the improperly growing bone with special adaptions to the braces on the teeth.  This is a very valuable ability for it could prevent the need for a future jaw surgery. 

​Bring your child in for a FREE examination and if they are not ready for treatment then we will monitor their progress for free during their growing years to ensure that a problem does not develop.